The SB7 Framework

The SB7 Framework or the Story Brand Framework by Donald Miller focuses on presenting your customer or potential client as the Hero of their story and you as their Guide.

Our templates are designed to follow this 7 part framework, which helps you to simplify and clarify your messaging, so that your business Grows. We do this by including prompts with every template to help make the writing process easy. 

The SB7 Framework Sections

1 - Hero or Above the Fold Section

It contains:

  • Your  logo
  • Call to Action Buttons (e.g. Book a consultation)
  • Nav Menu
  • An image that shows you (if you’re a personal brand or coach) or a  happy customer/ client with your product or service
  • A statement that appeals to your customers desires.  This should be large and clear (e.g. Elevate your style and Look your Best)
  • A clear, to the point description of what you do that helps achieve your customer/client desires. (e.g. We provide hand picked Jewelry and styling to help you look the best in every occasion.)

2 - Client Wins or Successes

Here you appeal to your client desires by listing 3 wins or successes you can help them achieve.


  • Look your best.
  • Stand out in a crowd
  • Feel confident

3 - Client Struggles

Here we’ll point out problems or struggles the customer/client might be facing. It helps to show that you understand their struggles. This can be posed as a paragraph that touches your target clients pain points or a list of problems.


  • Are you not landing the right clients?
  • Is your messaging unclear?
  • Is your sales underwhelming?

4 - Your Authority as a Guide

In this section you’ll show your authority or  expertise by first, empathising with your customer/client with an empathetic statement showing them you understand their problems and how you can help them win.

You can do this by using:

  • Client Testimonials or
  • Logos of companies you have worked with.

5 - Services to Help your Clients win

Here you’ll list some of the services that you can provide your customer/client that will provide value and solve their problems.

6 - Pricing

If you want to show a pricing list of your services you can do that here, but this is not a necessary section. It helps to sort out who may or may not be a good fit for your business.

7 - The Plan

Here you’ll give instructions on how potential customers/clients can work with you. You’ll want to make these steps simple and as clear as possible. In the Building a Story Brand book, Miller recommends having the final step be a success. (e.g. Dominate the room with confidence and style)


8 - The Stakes

In this section, we state possible negative outcomes or scenarios that can occur if the customer or client does not work with you. We then, prompt them to take action to avoid that out come. We must also make them aware of a specific call to action. Finally, we should challenge them to take the specific call to action. (e.g. 5 out of 10 persons suffer some type of wardrobe malfunction and end up being the laughing stock of the fashion spotlight. Unfortunately, no one wants to be in the wrong spotlight, so you should ensure that it never falls on you. Our ‘shine like a star’ service will ensure the right spotlight always find you. Join our countless clientele and book a consultation.) 

9 - Lead Magnet

Here you offer a free product or guide that helps to solve a problem your potential customer/client might be facing in exchange for their email contact. It provides you with an opportunity to upsell them on a product or service  in the future.

Build A Story Brand

The Building a Story Brand book goes further into explaining the framework and gives insight on the thought processes your business needs to adapt, so that your customers will listen to your message.


The Consistent Sales

5 step process to create a powerful brand and get consistent sales online

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