How to Import emails into AWeber

This post will guide you on how to create an AWeber account and how to import done for you emails in your account.

Part 1: Creating an Account.

AWeber is a simple to use and powerful email marketing tool. That’s why we chose AWeber to provide the done for you emails from the Online Sales Automation Kit. With a free AWeber account, you’re able to create beautifully designed emails, and schedule automated marketing campaigns, where this may be restricted by other email marketing solutions. But the feature we loved most was the ability to share pre-designed emails with AWeber!

Let’s get you set up with a free account.

First, let’s start creating a FREE AWeber account by clicking the button below (this is an affiliate link)

Create An Account

Click the ‘Get AWeber Free’ button to start setting up your account.

Then enter your details.

You will then be prompted to confirm your email. Once you have confirmed your email, continue the setup process by creating your password. (use the same email you used in the previous step)

You will then be directed to the Select A Plan page.

Here you can choose the Free plan, you will not be asked for a credit card. However, on a free plan, you will be limited to one email list, 500 contacts, and 3000 emails per month.

You can upgrade to a Pro plan as your business and email list grow. With a Pro plan, you’ll be able to create multiple lists, add more subscribers, create advanced automation, segmentation, and much more (See compare plans section).

When you chose the free plan you will then be prompted to fill in additional information about your business. Enter those details and then your account setup will be finished. (Hooray!)

AWeber has a lot of tutorials on their YouTube channel. You can view this playlist to quickly get acquainted with AWeber.

Part 2: Importing the Email Templates.

The next part of this post will walk you through how to import the email templates into your AWeber account.

When you sign in to your AWeber account it should look similar to the image below.

This is the dashboard. If you have watched the AWeber playlist, then you should now be familiar.

For this tutorial, we will be importing the Welcome/Lead Magnet Series emails. To import the Online Sales Automation Kit emails, we’ll need to go to campaigns. To get to campaigns select messages then campaigns. In the campaign section of the dashboard, you will see a default welcome campaign.

Then we will select the ‘Create a Campaign’ button, in the top right corner of the page.

Then select the import a campaign option.

We’ll then need to copy and paste the campaign share code from the Welcome/Lead Magnet Series email that can be found on page 2 of the document.

Once you have pasted the code, click import, and then all the emails will be imported into your account! All you need to do now is edit the emails with your own copy and images (we provide some pre-built ones too!) then you’re all set.

Just repeat the process for the rest of the emails in the Online Sales Automation Kit.

All the done-for-you emails in the Online Sales Automation Kit are set to automatically send out emails at scheduled intervals. For example, the Welcome/Lead Magnet Series emails are scheduled to be sent every day.

Just remember to turn on the campaign to start sending out emails when someone subscribes to your list.

Please note that there are limitations on a Free AWeber plan, like only having a single list. If you turn on all the campaigns from the Online Automation Kit when someone subscribes to your list they will get all the emails from the campaigns that are turned on at once. We do not want that to happen.

AWeber has an awesome tagging feature that allows you to add subscribers to another campaign based on tags. You can learn more about this in AWeber’s tutorials.

For example, to move subscribers from the Welcome/Lead Magnet campaign to the Value and Sales email campaign. You’ll basically, apply a tag, let’s call the tag ‘start-value-and-sales’ at the end of the Welcome/Lead Magnet email campaign.

Then in the Value and Sales campaign, you would replace the trigger with Tag Applied.

Then we’ll set the tag to ‘start-value-and-sales’

and That’s it!

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